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subject Before making purchase at Wingsmall, please read :
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  • date 2011-05-24
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Before making purchase at Wingsmall, please read :

1. As Wingsmall processes your order after your payment, the cases as below may arise :
1) Even if your order has been successfully placed, the products of your order may be unavailable or delayed in manufacturing due to conditions of materials or manufacturer.
2) If your order remains under [Preparing Products] status for 7 days or longer from the date of payment without any notification from our customer service, you are eligible for refund of the applicable order. Please post a refund request on our Refund request board.
Or, if you choose to receive the rest of your order nonetheless and get a partial refund of the delayed products, please post a refund request on our Refund request board AFTER you receive your parcel.

2. Due to manufacturing process, Wingsmall’s products may have condition as below :
1) Fluff on clothes
2) Slight difference in size from the ones displayed on the websites
3) Slight color/size difference in the same model
Please take into consideration that conditions stated above are not signs of defective products but characteristic quality of Wingsmall’s manufacturing process

3. Products may have a few rough threads on the seam or around buttons from the finishing touch, and slight wrinkles on fabrics can be also found due to shipping. These conditions are not considered to be product defect.

4. Please take into consideration that the conditions as below are not considered as product defect :
- Products of vivid colors or denim may fade when washed for the first few times.
- You may also find the dye getting on your hands, skin or innerwear.
- Products made of fluff fabric may lose some fluff before washing/when washing for the first few times.

5. Products’ colors displayed on our websites are the nearest to their actual colors and help customers tell color difference in the same model. However, please take into consideration that you may find the products’ colors slightly different due to your computer screen conditions or other reasons and these are not considered as mis-delivery or erroneous product information.

6. Laundry guidelines
1) It is recommended that all products of Wingsmall be dry-cleaned.
2) It is advisable that products made of printed fabric, fluff fabric, dyed fabric, or denim not be washed with other laundry.
3) When hand-washing, please use neutral detergent.
4) When drying washed products, lay them flat in a shady and breezy place. (Laying clothes under direct sunlight may cause the fabric to fade or shrink. Also, hanging clothes on hangers may cause stretch in the fabric.)
5) Products made of silk, linen, or thin cotton require exceptionally careful handling due to their delicate nature.
6) When washing, use warm water. (Use cold water for products made of wool.)
7) Any negative conditions of products caused by washing are not considered to be valid reasons for refund request.

7. Products may have slight difference in size from the ones displayed on the websites due to size measuring methods. Therefore, refund requests due to slight size difference are not accepted. (Please take into consideration that products of elastic material may have wider size difference in size measurement.)

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